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business license

The Company license is a mandatory requirement for all businesses within the trading industry of Africa, who want to setup their company across the continent. So, if you are planning to setup a business you will require a Company registration license stated for the particular country. This license, much like others, is applied to legalize your business operations in the country you wish to set up. Some businesses may require specific industry license e.g Manufacturing, tourism, industrial or professional license. Adanian Labs-Borderless Africa is a trusted organization and has a proven track record of successful setups across the Globe. As industry experts we have dealt with many queries and have built ecosystem off the solutions we have provided that have since seen our client list grow. Each country has its own requirements, therefore, click here to find out more- requirements in each country


business license

Looking for a branch office setup in another country to expand your business? With excellent infrastructure, a lifestyle that’s highly desirable, and an entrepreneurial environment that attracts millions of investors each year – Adanian Labs has the solution for you regardless of what your needs may be.

A branch office setup is simply an extension of an existing company in a different location from its parent or holding company. While it’s in a separate physical location from the main company, the business name and activities performed must remain the same as that of the parent company. Borderless Africa creates ease of transition for this service and setup with its many operational outlets across Africa. We assist you with completing paperwork to approaching government entities, seeking approvals, and helping you launch your company successfully.


business license

A physical presence for your business is important but it may cost out of the pocket, that’s why it is better to have a virtual office in the country of your choice. Adanian Labs as a business has business labs that allow our clients the comfort of utilizing our spaces especially with ever-evolving innovations and needs. As companies looking to start businesses in various countries. Virtual Office acts as a business address for those entrepreneurs who do not require physical office spaces to carry out their activities. Since in some jurisdictions and business licenses, having an official address is a requirement, virtual offices can be set up to satisfy these requirements.

  • They are best suited if your business operations are carried out from remote locations, or when your business doesn’t need a physical full-time location.
  • This service also Gives smaller entrepreneurs and start-up firms the luxury to use their funds on growing their brands and not having to worry about paying for office space.
  • Your Ability to settle for a prime location may cost you, therefore, renting physical offices in the main city or in prime locations is an incredibly costly affair. However, setting up a virtual office with Borderless Africa can help bring down the costs significantly.